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Get your STOMP passes at the GATES!

Weekend pass (inc. tent camping) $100.00 each
Saturday pass $60.00 each
Friday pass $60.00 each
Thursday pass $20.00 each

We will NOT sell out...so see you this weekend!!!
Volunteers & Vendors

We need you! Please ensure that you fill out your appropriate registration form for 2016 to ensure that we have you on our lists when we start scheduling and booking spaces.
Volunteer Here! Vendors Click Here!

Bands are being booked...

Check back periodically - we will be adding to the site as bands are booked, and event schedules come together.

2016 Bands
Event Schedules



The Stage is Set! Check back often to see when your favourite tribute band is playing…

WEDNESDAY - Arrive early at the grounds and spend a couple of days cruising the valleys, connecting with friends or helping out as we finalize the setup. Thursday night live entertainment on stage from 9 - midnight.

FRIDAY morning wake to entertainment, live music and refreshment gardens, shopping and more. Games will start at 6pm, with our headliner rocking the stage at 8:45pm!

SATURDAY our downtown festival comes alive with entertainment & refreshment gardens opening at 11am. Fun events happening throughout the day!

SATURDAY 6PM - Back at the STOMP grounds, Saturday evening Bike games & burnout commence at 6:15pm, Wet-T at 11:45pm, and live bands until 4:45am

It's a great event that i will be attending ...even if i have to sleep in a tree lol.

"i went last year (my first time) and i was more than impressed. for what its worth ive been here for 12years and avoided the bash because of the stigma that a ‘biker’ bash comes with. i have to say that i was beyond impressed. i found it to be an awesome clean family friendly event. i stayed on the grounds for the ‘adult friendly events’ and the people i met were so awesome. so many couples from all over canada and us. i didnt hear cursing, no fights, no beligerent drunkards,  no bullshit. I walked around freely feeling so safe. not one rude comment, no cat calls. so awesome.

The food was amazing. i met a very young couple who came from revelstoke and served the best food. the vendors were a great mix of swag...

I give this event a 5 star rev and i tell everyone how great it is. And i will attend as many as i can. keep up the great work and happy to see it a success."

Susan, BC